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I just installed Office 2010 and I expected the Calendar form control to be available in Excel but I cannot find it. I do not see it available in the Additional forms =Date() When the form is open in Form view, the text box displays the current system date. Use the Date function in VBA in a Visual Basic for Applications The Date and Time Picker is immensely useful when designing VBA user forms but, sadly, it isn't included with every version of Windows. I discovered this recently what-native-control-can-i-use-as-date-time-picker-in-excel-vba-userform-for-excel-2010 native control I can use for date picker for vba excel Hi, On my Word form I have a field where I'm allowing the user to select the date using SEP Date control. Now whenever this document is opened the When you add a control to the work area in Microsoft Excel or to a form in Microsoft Visual Basic, it assumes a position on its container. If you want, you can change Calendar Control to Select Dates on a Userform The calendar control allows the user to select a date from a real calendar view. With Word 2007's new Date Picker control, you can make it easy for customers to enter dates in your forms. For example, suppose you create a Project Requirements form VBA to select a control. date from the calendar control the date is passed back to the text box button on the form to call the calendar control to fill in Create dynamic Excel charts without VBA, How to create dynamic Excel charts that autorefresh without using VBA or native Excel slicers

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