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La taille des pixels depend de la taille de l'ecran et de sa resolution Si tu prends un 1600x900 20" et un 1920x1080 20" les pixels du second Which resolution is better? I found a lot of ASUS laptops that have nice specs and all but the downside of that was that the screen resolution Hello, I'm looking at buying a ThinkPad W520, 15.6" display. Do I get 1600x900 or 1920x1080 for $300 more? I imagine the most significant Hello, For 15.6" which resolution is better 1366X768 or 1600X900 and why. 1366x768 resolution because on the same screen the things would appear trying to convince me that 1920x1080 was "better" than 1920x1200. I was wondering which resolution would be better?I would be mostly using the monitor for gaming, but also for casual internet browsing, Im so confused about monitor displays. Im planning to buy 20 inches monitor the ASUS VS207DE it has 1600x900 resolutionNow can i use 2 Jun 2016 For gaming, I'm not sure if 900p vs 1080p would make much a difference difference between 1920X1080 vs 1600X900 in screen resolution. What is the difference between using 1600X900 vs 1920X1080. I notice . Isn't the screen blurry when you use resolution other than native? Your picture will generally look noticably sharper. It'll make games look a fair amount sharper. 1600x900 is a decent resolution but 1920x1080 is a noticable

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